Game of Thrones: Conquest Released, Players are Disappointed

Game of Thrones Conquest Released

The full version of Game of Thrones: Conquest was released for mobile phones a couple of days ago. It is available for download in the Google Play store and iOS App Store. The game was developed by Turbine, one of the Warner Bros’ studios and published by WB Entertainment.

Tom Casey, vice president of the development studio, revealed some details about their game:

“We know that political turmoil has always been the idea behind the creation of GoT. We are aware that it’s one of the factors that make the show fantastic, and we wanted to allow the players to participate in that kind of maneuvering while they are fighting to control the Iron Throne with thousands of others from around the world.”

In theory, it all sounds beautiful, considering that you can perform cunning schemes and betray your allies to your benefit. However, the game has received mixed user reviews.

Is Game of Thrones: Conquest Worth Your While?

The first thing that the gamers have been complaining about is the fact that the game doesn’t offer anything original. Despite the fact that it had a significant budget for a smartphone release, GoT: Conquest lacks offering anything innovative. In fact, it looks like another clone of Game of War. Considering that Turbine developed Batman: Arkham Underworld and LOTR Online, which are all popular games, we all expected more.

GoT Conquest Gameplay

Aside from freshness, there are times when Game of Thrones: Conquest feels like a major rip-off. We know that it must have cost a fortune to get a license to use original characters and other content, but it’s like Warner Bros is rushing to get their money back. The game is loaded with in-game purchases and messages that suggest spending real money on resources. Mobile gamers know how difficult it is to play when you hit a paywall. And although we realize it’s one of the ways a freemium game earns its income, there are titles where you run into the wall so soon that it’s plain annoying. GoT: Conquest is one of those games.

High-Profile License Going to Waste

It seems that WB and Turbine learned nothing from the experience of Disruptor Beam Studio, who created Game of Thrones: Ascent, the first franchise release on mobile phones. Instead, they went with the idea of dressing an old concept into a new outfit. As one of the most prominent intellectual properties at the moment, we are used to the idea that anything related to GoT is innovative and fresh, but the new game just doesn’t keep up.

Sure, there is time for Turbine to fix some bugs, such as an occasionally poor frame rate or the fact that you can’t influence whether you’ll be playing on the same server as your friends. However, that won’t change the fact that Game of Thrones: Conquest could have been much better. If you are a hardcore fan, you should consider giving the release a shot. If not, there are other Warner Bros titles for the mobile market that deserve your attention, such as Injustice 2.

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