Frostpunk Finally Getting an Endless Mode and You Can Tweak Its Difficulty

Frostpunk Endless Mode

There are classic city building games and then there is Frostpunk. If there is one thing that we can tell about 11 Bit Studios, it is that they are extremely creative and ready to create games that will make you think about important issues while playing. We all remember This War of Mine, which focused on how regular people experience war conflict in their area.

The team took things one step further with Frostpunk as they created a city building simulation set in the next ice age. The initial version of the release had multiple scenarios that you could enjoy. Although many complained the game was short, it was the sandbox mode that was truly missing. The developers will finally add it next week giving you the opportunity to maintain the new human civilization for a long as possible before you all freeze to death.

There is no doubt that the sandbox mode should have been released sooner. However, the developers revealed that it took so long because they realized it was a massive scale project. Although they wanted things to be very difficult for the players (which is also one of the things that 11 Bit Studios is known for), they finally decided to implement bot easy and hard version.

The easier variant is named Serenity – in it, you will have a lot of resources and the weather conditions won’t be so cruel. This should give you the option to actually fill your city with all the structures you want. While you are doing that, you can expect numerous random events to happen. These events are completely new and include things like shutting down certain areas for a couple of days, which means that the citizens of that city zone do not have anything to protect them from the cold.

The good news is that difficulty can be adjusted across both versions of the endless mode. Four maps will be available to players and you can also expect explorable Frostlands and snow storms to modify accessible locations. New buildings are also an option, such as the Archives, which can be filled with mementoes that you find during exploration. This feature will reveal you more about the lore surrounding the game itself.

Although the official release date is unknown, it will be arriving in the coming days.

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