Frog Detective The Haunted Island

Meet Frog Detective on The Haunted Island and Solve a Charming Mystery

If you are a fan of short playthroughs and games that do not take days to complete, allow us to revert your attention to The Haunted Island. The release became available on Steam several days ago and it is available at a fair price of $4.49.

Aside from being short, this game is also unique as it features a frog detective as the main protagonist. Everything revolves around a supernatural mystery. A sloth has been complaining that a ghost has been haunting him for weeks. However, nobody is able to find this ghost. In these unsolvable situations, everyone calls The Detective, the most reputable and trusted frog in the entire realm.

The Detective will utilize its experience to explore the surroundings, look for clues, and questions characters that are equally unique and intriguing. The best part about this game is writing which is amazingly creative and charming.

Perhaps it only takes about an hour to complete the game, but you are guaranteed to have numerous laughs around the way. Not only the writing is charming, but the characters will make you smile themselves. The author emphasized amazing soundtrack as one of the crucial features and for a good reason. It adds to the atmosphere and is one of the factors why you will enjoy the game.

The leading creator of The Haunted Island is Grace Buxner. She is probably most known for Alien Caseno, another game that you absolutely should try. Thomas Bowker is the developer who helped Grace – you may know him from Lyne, an incredibly interesting puzzle game.

It is interesting to note that the reviews on Steam are very positive. In fact, a whopping 98% of reviews commended the game for incredible creativity and fun. So, if you have an afternoon off and want to have some laidback fun, The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective is an excellent choice.

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