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Four PlayStation 4 Games from SIE Worldwide Studios We Are Looking Forward to

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios has had an amazing year with some truly amazing games release, such as God of War and MLB: The Show. That has not stopped the developers from working hard and they will soon release four new titles we hope will at least equally impress us.


The Sony’s Japanese studio is working on this release in collaboration with FromSoftware. The release date is set for November 6, 2018, solely for PS VR. Everything will happen in a boarding school where a faerie will create a personal relationship with the pupils. Games will have the task of navigating and gathering information with the purpose of revealing the mystery behind Déraciné.

If you loved to play Bloodborne, the chances are you will love this release to as the same director is behind the project.

Days Gone

Although it was first scheduled for February, this game has been delayed and is now set to be released in April 2019. We hope that this will allow Bend Studio to fix all the bugs and create an even better game. Days Gone will feature plenty of action in the in-game open-world. Pacific Northwest was chosen as the setting with its high-desserts dominating the screenshots available.

You will be playing as a drifter whose primary task is to survive. Aside from securing food and other resources, you will have to fight humans and wild animals, as well as supernatural beings while dealing with unpredictable weather effects. It should be a tough, but intriguing survival game that might be the biggest hit on the list.

Concrete Genie

You will be playing as Ash, a teenager that has problems with bullies. That is why he decides to put his creativity to work and paint the walls with a magical paintbrush. Ash has a noble goal – to get life back to Denska, his abandoned hometown. We have no exact release date for this game, but PlayStation 4 users can expect it in Spring 2019.

Everybody’s Golf VR

Another release scheduled for the spring, Everybody’s Golf will be suitable for playing with both your controller or by using the VR set. The latter will enable you extra features, such as experiencing the terrain firsthand and being able to inspect wind directions instead of just noticing the information.

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