Four Biggest Gaming Disappointments in 2018 – Things That Marked the Year

Four Gaming Disappointments 2018

When the end of the year comes, we always talk about the best things that happened to us and the best games we played. While it may be better to forget bad things, it might be wise to remind ourselves of the biggest disappointments in the gaming world in 2018. Here are four things that marked the year behind us in a negative way.

Fallout 76

Do we even need to explain why Bethesda’s game is at the top of the list? There was a lot of hype prior to the release of Fallout 76 and that is not surprising if you keep in mind that the studio made some truly impressive games. But from the moment it was released, bad things started happening. Not only the game didn’t receive positive reviews from fans or critics, but there was additional negative news, such as the one about the data leak. We can only hope that Rage 2, the upcoming game Bethesda plans, will be a lot better than this.

Diablo Immortal

We can’t exactly tell Blizzard that they shouldn’t release Diablo for mobile devices, but fans apparently can and they did. The company organized Blizzcon 2018 and there were rumours about a new addition to the franchise being announced there. The fans finally expected the next sequel, but they received the Diablo Immortal game announcement instead.

Nobody knew that Blizzard was preparing to enter the mobile market, but it seems that Diablo mobile wouldn’t be that big of a problem that an actual sequel was announced, too.

No More Telltale Games

Is it possible that a studio that made so many great games had to go bankrupt? The news took everyone in the gaming community by surprise, especially considering that they made some truly amazing titles, including Batman: The Enemy Within. Telltale Games was an innovative studio appreciated by adventure fans, but they couldn’t push through the combo of bad sales and making many games at once. Yes, this means no Season 2 of the Wolf Among Us.

Steam’s Ship Is Sinking

It is not that the existence of the platform is in danger, but the overall impression is that they are nowhere near the dominating position they had over the last couple of years. All the biggest publishers seem to have found their way around Steam. EA established Origin, Bethesda and Ubisoft have their own launchers, and even Epic recently launched their own store.

Competition is welcome, but this has become a problem for gamers. Instead of just one client being enough, we now have to install numerous different launchers to play our favourite games. That is just annoying.

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