Forza Horizon 4 Finally Adds Route Creator in Its New Update

Forza Horizon 4 Route Creator

In the patch announced for October 25th, Forza Horizon 4 will include the feature requested by numerous players from around the world – route creator. Actually, the gamers were looking for this addition since the first installment in the series and Playground Games now finally listened.

The feature is pretty self-explanatory and it will allow you to make your own routes for circuit and point-to-point racing. The interesting thing is that you will be able to ‘mark’ the road with your vehicle by simply driving through it. This was a logical move since FH4 features a vast open-world and it seems this was the best and the most exciting way to implement route creator.

Naturally, you will be able to rewind in case the last part of the route is not ideal in accordance with your desires. Also, checkpoints can be dropped wherever you feel like it. There is one catch, however. The route needs to start from the point that the developers used as the beginning point for an event. Fortunately, this is the only limitation and everything else is up to you – if you can get your car to the top of the building, you can draw a route through there.

There’s More to the Update

Forza Horizon 4 route creator will definitely arrive with the new update, but that won’t be everything players can expect on Thursday. You will also be able to participate in a fresh Story, which is the first Story from the release of the game. In FH4, stories are basically events that have a joint theme. In the new update, you will get the chance to film a TV show about classic cars from Great Britain, including Mini, McLaren, and Aston Martin.

However, you will need to be at least level 50 to play this story. The good news is that the prize for finishing it is Bentley 8 Liter, which would cost about one million in-game credits if you decide on a purchase. But why would you when you now have a chance to win it for free?

You can also expect new seasonal events, as well as PR stunts and co-op competitions. The developers also announced that they will fix plenty of bugs to further improve the gaming experience.

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