Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island

Fortune Island is the name of Forza Horizon 4’s First Expansion

Forza Horizon 4 will be getting its first add-on real soon, according to the announcements from the X018 conference held by Microsoft this weekend. The name of the expansion will be Fortune Island and the players can expect to enjoy it from December 13, when the official release date is set.

Although the United Kingdom will still remain the location, it is expected that the expansion will take us up north where the British Isles where you can find lightning storms and other severe weather, as well as plenty of mountainsides. Among other things, the players will get the chance to see the famous Aurora Borealis.

The base version of the game is already changing seasons and that could prove to be a challenge in the mountain settings even if you are an experienced driver. The new areas will undoubtedly contribute to the diversity that the game already offers.

Aside from new locations, Forza Horizon 4’s expansion will also feature fresh additions when it comes to vehicles. You may have already witnessed the GymkhanaTEN Ford vehicles that were custom-built. There are five of them, but at the moment three are accessible for those that own the Car Pass, including F-150 Hoonitruck, 197 Ford GymkhanaTEN, and 1993 Escort Cosworth Group A. In the next couple of weeks, you can also expect a newer vehicle – 2017 Ford Fiesta RS, as well as 2016 GymkhanaTEN Focus RX and the classic Hoonicorn Mustang V2.

If you purchased the bundle for expansions at $35, you will get Fortune Island for free. The same applies to those that have already purchased the Ultimate Edition of FH4 as the expansions are included in the price. Finally, if you are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass service, you are eligible to play Forza Horizon 4 and you can purchase Fortune Island or the bundle of expansions at 10% discount.

If you do not have a Game Pass and you still haven’t bought the initial game, you can do so at the Microsoft Store. The Standard Edition is available for $59.99, but you can also go with the Deluxe Edition that costs $79.99 and the Ultimate Edition whose price is set at $99.99.

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