Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite Enters Season 7; Creative Mode Available to Battle Pass Owners

Fortnite finished its sixth season and we could safely say that each of them was more successful than the previous. With Season 7 now available to all players (and there is 200 million of them), let’s see what Epic has in store for us.

Let’s start lightly and present biplanes equipped with a machine gun. These were named Stormwings and they will give you the opportunity to fly. The Island of Fortnite has been expanded and you can now quickly get around thanks to ziplines. When we say expanded, we are talking about two new areas – Expedition and Frosty Flights outposts. Due to the fact that it is winter season now, you will get the chance to play on a snowy portion of the map, too.

A New Mode for Battle Pass Owners

However, the biggest addition is by no doubt the Creative mode. The developers are describing it as a sandbox mode while some players claim that it reminds them of Minecraft. Either way, the new mode is only available to those that purchased Fortnite Battle Pass for the next season. It will become available for everyone on December 13th. Those who purchased the Battle Pass will get to chance to test Wraps, a cosmetic addition allowing you to adjust vehicles and weapons to visually match your outfit.

Season 7 is now finally available after several teases we had the chance to see this week. First, a glimpse of the new winter-themed season was shared on the official Twitter account of the game. We also saw a snowboarding teaser, but the best one was the image featuring a zip line character and a plane behind him. This best described the possibility to fly with the Stormwing in the new season.

The announcement was great and now it remains to be seen whether the new season of Fortnite will live up to its promises. But knowingEpic and their dedication to the game, we have no doubt things will go great. The end of Season 7 is scheduled for February 27, 2019. Who knows, maybe we also get to see the new gaming storefront recently announced by Epic until then.

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