Fortnite Cube Explosion

The Cube in Fortnite Finally Explodes – Here Is What Happened

It has been more than two months since the cube in Fortnite first appeared. Ever since then, there has been a lot of mystery surrounding it. On Sunday, it finally blew up and transferred players to a dimension where reality laws do not play an important role. After an intriguing trip through weird, the players landed right on the new map available in the game. It was impossible not to notice that the center of the Loot Lake is now filled with an entirely new island.

The cube was everything about the Loot Lake in the first place. After all, this is where it landed after rolling around the map when it made the lake purple. The other effect of the cube was that the surface of the lake became bouncy and we could also notice mystical runes that came together with the cube.

Fortnite Loot Lake

When season 6 began, the developers took the cube up into the sky along with the island at the middle sections. It was noticeable that the cube was changing color – as it got darker and started to crack it was apparent that it will burst. Eventually, that did happen.

Now, you are probably confused, but that is normal as it is hard to explain. However, to keep updated with the latest events, we suggest watching this video. It is a live footage of the cube exploding and what happened to players.

Fortnite Mobile Development Update

In other news, Epic decided to share some information related to developing of the mobile version of Fortnite. Arguably the biggest announcement in the blog post is the decision to implement the functionality of 60 frames per seconds on modern portable devices. Naturally, this will take a lot of testing to ensure everything works properly, but we can expect 60 FPS as a feature in one of the coming updates.

The developers also revealed that they are working on HUD elements and controls and emphasized that they realize how small things can largely affect the gameplay and the user experience. With that in mind, they are making careful additions and even testing controller support for the future editions.

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