Fortnite Mobile Review – One of the Most Popular Battle Royale Games

Fortnite Mobile Review

PUBG was there first, but then Fortnite appeared and took a huge portion of its glory. Although the game is free to play, Epic Games has earned millions just by making in-game items available for purchase. It was only a matter of time when a mobile version will appear and today we are presenting you Fortnite Mobile for Android and iOS!

Prepare a Charger…and an iPhone

Let’s go through a couple of technical issues before we head into the gameplay. First, keep in mind that this is a mobile game. As a result, you shouldn’t expect graphics like on PC. However, it is nice to see that the visuals are more than solid considering the platform. You can totally compare them to similar mobile games (who said PUBG?). The graphics seem a lot better on iOS, but let’s keep our hopes up that we will soon see an improvement on Android, too.

You will need a high-speed connection to play Fortnite Mobile because the game still hosts 100 people for a single session, which is why we recommend Wi-Fi. It is a shame that the game eats up your battery and five or six played matches might leave you with a dead phone.

Fancy Playing Against Everyone…or 50 VS 50?

Now, let’s take a look at what really matters – gameplay. At its core, it is still that classic Battle Royale where the last gamer standing wins the match. The game offers a choice of playing solo, with another friend or forming a squad. You can jump from a flying bus (not kidding!) at any point when you think you are over a desirable starting position and the match can begin. Do not worry if none of your friends are available – Fortnite will pair you with random people from around the world playing at the same time as you.

The maximum number of players in a team is four, but there are also other game modes you can try, such as the 50 VS 50 battle and sniper or shotgun only sessions. When you find yourself on the map, you start with a harvesting tool and collect things like metal, brick, and wood. You can also look for crates, explosives, guns, shields, and healing items that may help your survival.

Learn to Put up with Controls…and Listen!

The controls are a tricky subject just as with many similar games. In Fortnite Mobile, you can use your left finger (thumb, presumably) to run or walk in all directions, while you can look around with your right finger (again, thumb). There are two buttons on the screen that you use to shoot from a weapon or harvest a resource. They are fairly easy to reach, but it still might take a while until you get used to the controls. The other two buttons are for jumping and crouching, which are on the right side of the screen.

Switching into building mode is a bit tricky. You need to perform several actions until you build the desired structure, which means wasting a lot of time in a situation where you also think about how to hide from enemies and what is happening around you. Carefully listening to the sounds might make things easier as an audio indicator may warn you of a player getting closer.

Final Note

Overall, Fortnite Mobile is a more than an acceptable adaptation of the game to the mobile devices. While it is nowhere near the “true” experience, if you are looking for an on-the-go fix of your favorite Battle Royale, you will be thrilled with this title! And if you struggle to acquire v-bucks then you should check out these Fortnite Mobile cheats and tips.

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