Fortnite Halloween Outfits and Pickaxes Leaked on Twitter

Fortnite Hallowen Skins and Pickaxes

The authors of Fortnite took a turn in the direction of darkness with Season 6. Not only it features the theme Darkness Rises, but Epic is already getting ready for the upcoming Halloween period. In fact, there will be new elements added to Fortnite that are motivated by this holiday coming up at the end of the month. We still do not have an exact date, but we expect these items to appear about a week or two before Halloween itself.

Are you familiar with the Twitter page FNBR Leaks? If the answer is no, you should hurry and visit it as that is where all this cool new stuff was revealed for the first time. There will be intriguing new outfits available for Hay Man (Male) and Straw Ops (Female), as well as back blings for bird hovel and hay nest. If you ask us, we particularly liked the two new gliders – Dark Bomber Glider (Dark Glyph) and Scarecrow (Field Wraith).

There are innovations when it comes to pickaxes, too, and they come in the form of Harvester and Thunder Crash axes. At the same time, there is an all-fresh T-Pose, which we believe fits great with the Hay Man skin.

There aren’t official announcements related to Halloween events yet, but we expect Epic to make everything public soon.

Earn Money by Creating Content for Fortnite

In the meantime, Epic did announce the Support-a-Creator event. This is a way for artists, cosplayers, video makers, streamers, and other content creators of Fortnite to earn some money. In fact, they will earn $5 whenever their supporters spend a total of 10,000V-Bucks for in-game purchases. If you are a creator, you can apply to participate, but only if you have a minimum of 1,000 followers on at least one of the social media networks and Fortnite content that was created regularly in the last 30 days.

Once you are applied for the program, the players will have the choice to select the author they want to support. If you do some math, you get to the following facts – players should spend $100 to purchase 10,000V-Bucks and you will be getting $5, which means that you are entitled to a commission of 5% for making the content.

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