Fortnite Fall Skirmish – $10 Million Prize Pool Is Ready

Fortnite Fall Skirmish

Epic Games hit the jackpot with Fortnite, but there are players who have been awarded great sums of money, too. It took eight long weeks of competing until the Summer Skirmish finally ended, but the total value of prizes was a whopping $8 million dollars. Now, the even better news is coming from the developers. According to Epic, the Fall Skirmish will have even more money ready for the players of this amazing game. The expected sum to be given to those who deserve it with their game skills is $10 million.

This was announced on the official Twitter page of Fortnite, in an update that said:

“While the weather is cooling down, the battle is heating up. During the six weeks of the competition of Fortnite Fall Skirmish, we will award the players with $10,000,000.”

A Big Prize Pool to Compensate for the Lack of Details

Unfortunately, the developers are still shy on details regarding the details of the skirmish. For now, we only know the total prize money that will be available, as well as the duration of the competition, which will be shortened compared to the summer skirmish. The fall competition will spread across only six weeks, which may give fewer opportunities for competing, but almost definitely increase the prize funds for each competition format.

As during the summer, we can probably expect professional players, as well as popular streamers,  to participate in the fall’s skirmish. This will also be a great opportunity for those players whose in-game performance excels to earn a special invitation to participate and test their luck while trying to earn some money.

Not the First Time This Happens

It should be mentioned that the Summer Skirmish didn’t exactly have a great start. Plenty of problems related to lag issues, as well as not broadcasting most of the matches, were only some of the issues that made the experience terrible to players and Epic Games alike. The developers did make an effort to make things better in the next events through ensuring performance tweaks and amazing casters. We are all excited for the season 6 of Fortnite that will come soon and we are hoping that Epic has a plan to make playing the game an even better experience in the upcoming update. When it comes to Skirmish, we believe they learned from their mistakes and, once the fall events kick off, the players will have a blast.

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