Fortnite Battle Royale Season Three Starts – List of Updates

Fortnite Season 3

PUBG marked the era of the incredible popularity of Battle Royale games. Other developers soon followed, and one of the best releases recently is undoubtedly Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games did an excellent job, and enabled battles for up to 100 opponents split into teams or individually. The season three of the game started only a couple of days ago, so let’s see what improvements we can expect in the latest update.

For starters, 60 FPS mode was implemented to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In fact, that mode is enabled by default. That should improve the visuals of the game and secure maximum aesthetic enjoyment while you are playing.

Turbo Building Mode

Next, there is a Turbo Building Mode. As you might assume from the name, it enables you to construct things at a faster rate. The developers emphasize that this could come in handy for those that are building defensive constructions or bridges.

Let’s move to the Auto Change Materials feature. It is another one that should make the construction process more comfortable. In short, if you run out of the particular type of materials, Fortnite will automatically switch towards the next material type available in your inventory.

Yet another change that is aimed towards the building process is the Build through Stuff. Up until now, you were able to build through small furniture pieces or bushes, but now you can also do that through trees and rocks.

Improved Weapons

If you ask us, the Hand Cannon might be the best weapon that comes in the latest season three update of Fortnite Battle Royale. Both legendary and epic versions are available. You can get it via supply drops and treasure chests, as well as floor loot.

While we are on the topic of floor loot, the chances for Pistols to drop were changed. The odds to find a Rare or Uncommon pistol are increased, but Legendary and Epic rates were decreased. Also, you cannot do critical hits with grenades anymore. The fans of Valentine’s Day will be disappointed to know that the crossbow doesn’t have that skin anymore, but at least it is still present in Fortnite.

Would You Like to Buy a Battle Pass?

If you buy a Battle Pass, you can gain access to sweet rewards. While you play and improve your ranking, you can enhance your Battle Pass by unlocking tiers. Every next Tier brings even better prizes, so there is a motivation to play regularly. The Battle Pass costs around $10.

Epic Games is continually working on improving Fortnite which means that we can expect new updates to come soon.

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