Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale – A Light and Colorful Take on the Genre

You probably know the concept – 100 players are placed in a shrinking area and the last man standing wins. H1Z1 and particularly PUBG made the concept planetary famous, and Epic Games decided to follow in their footsteps. That resulted in Fortnite: Battle Royale, the new free-to-play mode of the survival video game we know and love. It also set off a lot of heat between Bluehole and Epic Games of which you can read more by checking out this post.

Battle Royale? What the Hell Is That?

You might have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the genre, especially considering the increase in its popularity lately. But let me jog your memory. Battle Royale places you in a big area along with 99 other players. The only goal is to survive as the last living player is the winner of the session. That is a tricky task because you will need to scavenge for items essential for your survival, including weapons that you will need to wipe other players off the map.

The twist with Fortnite: Battle Royale is that you don’t use the existing scenery as protection and cover. Instead, you build your walls and set traps for enemies. To do that, you will need wood, metal, or stone. But you don’t get these resources – you need to go out and risk your life to collect them.

PUBG with a Building Element

It’s virtually impossible to survive in Fortnite: BR unless you build a fort to protect yourself. Of course, you will need to take off at least one wall to be able to shoot at your enemies. Aside from the material (wood is easy to build, but metal is more durable) you also need to think about the location of your fort. The storm is coming and is closing in on the region. The gameplay is different from the one in PUBG, but the concept is the same.

Battle Royale Map

That means that the playing area the map is continually shrinking, and your protection structure might end up being outside of the safe zone. If you get caught up in the storm, you will start losing health, which will make you leave the premises and head to safety. The idea behind narrowing down the map is to add to the excitement and force players into combat. Once all surviving players are in a small area, there won’t be another choice except to fight until the last man (or woman) standing.

Choose Your Strategy

The beauty of BR games, including this one, is that you can play it any way you want. Are you up for some straight up shooting? Find yourself a rifle and go for it! But if you prefer tactics, you can also decide to lay low until it’s time to attack. That way you can sneak up on an opponent, kill him, pick up the loot and go into the night.

Of course, you can also build a tower and shoot at your enemies from there. But the problem with this could be the ongoing storm that will probably force you to change the tactics at some point. Also, shooting the enemies from afar might make it trickier to come near them to pick up the loot, which might be crucial for your further survival.

Battle Royale Drop Off

Traps are another exciting part of the game. They are scattered over the map, so you can collect them and set them up to surprise the opponents. For example, there is an electric trap that you can place anywhere, but the problem is that it makes a buzzing sound. While a trap should provide some warning to give a chance to a player to walk past it, this one was pretty useless. In fact, the overall impression is that the traps could use a lot of work, although they have great potential.

There Are No Vehicles in Fortnite: Battle Royale

The only vehicle is the flying bus from which you jump off onto the playing field. The problem with this is that the map is rather large most of the session. That means you will find yourself often running because the next spot of interest is pretty far away.

The game mode has only been live for a couple of days (released September 26th), which is why we are willing to forgive certain server issues we noticed. We believe the developers will iron this soon and the connection will be stable. There are other new additions we would like to see in the game, apart from the vehicles we mentioned.

For example, you can’t customize your character or its appearance at the moment. Also, while you can build forts and other structures, you can’t craft a weapon. That might be an incredible addition and the thing that singles Fortnite: BR from the pack. Perhaps you don’t even need to make weapons, but adding a scope or other neat features to the firearms you collected would be cool.

Third-Person Survival Mode

The graphics of the game are at a satisfactory level, but there is the occasional feeling that they could be better. There is the familiar Fortnite artwork, and it’s not nearly as gore as PUBG. That seems to lower the pressure for the player because the cartoonish graphics relax you a bit and remind that it’s just a game and you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

Unfortunately, the game keeps the third-person camera at all times. That means you can’t browse the environment or use the first-person aim. That is particularly disappointing when you use snipers. It’s rather easy to shoot an opponent from a distance, which might add to the light gaming experience, but we believe it could still be a bit more challenging.

The Lightest BR Experience so far

The BR concept is dark itself, considering that only the winner out of 100 person lives. However, Epic went with a different approach and offered a light and vivid take on the genre. As a result, Fortnite: Battle Royale provides a fun experience of trying to outsmart other players and come out as a winner.

One thing we need to keep in mind here is that the mode is free to play. Considering that, it’s just the way it should be. You can start it and play at any point and have some innocent fun while trying to build and shoot your way to the victory. Although it’s probably not your cup of tea if you are looking for something more serious, Fortnite: Battle Royale can still be a great gaming experience.

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