Bundesliga, VAR, and Other New Features Coming to Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 New Features

The official release of Football Manager 2019 is scheduled for November 2, 2018. However, SI Games has slowly started building the excitement prior to the release. The latest announcement on the FM blog discusses new features that the game will have. Unlike the previous year, we may expect many significant game aspects to be thoroughly changed. Here is an overview of what is announced.

Bundesliga Officially Confirmed

German Bundesliga was one of the major leagues that didn’t have a license in the previous installments of Football Manager. However, the SI finally reached an agreement with the league’s executives and acquired a license that includes club names, jersey, logos, player faces, and league trophies of Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2.

Interactive Tutorial

The experienced managers will probably not have any problem getting used to how things work in FM 2019. However, newbies may consider the game too complex. Fortunately, SI included an interactive tutorial that will guide you through all the essential segments of the game. After finishing the tutorial, you will be ready to take on the best world managers and win trophies.

Tactical Changes

The game of football is evolving and SI tries to keep up with all the innovations by implementing adjustments to the tactics system. In FM 2019, you will have the option of creating a personal style and philosophy of football. The tactics will also benefit from an additional range of team instructions.

Training Adjustments

The truth is that many users chose to ignore training during the last several installments of Football Manager. This time, SI promises an overhaul that will make the training system resemble the one from real life. A vast range of available schedules and sessions should give you more options to prepare for the following match or generally develop your players.

Goal-Line Technology (VAR)

Video assistant referees (VAR) are a relatively new addition to football. They generated a lot of attention during the World Cup and the same will probably happen in Football Manager 2019. The game will feature the extra referees, as well as the goal-line technology. It will be interesting to see how SI implements this feature into the game.

Some other changes worth noting include a restyled skin, improved briefings before the match, fresh Steam achievements, and so on. Keep in mind that FM 2019 will be available several weeks before the full version of the game releases.

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