Five Mobile Games Released in 2018 You Have to Try on Either Android or iOS

Mobile Games Releases 2018

The end of the year is coming and it is time to talk about the games that attracted the most attention in 2018. When it comes to mobile devices, some gems like Pokemon Go remain dominant on the market. But what if we keep in mind only the games released this year? Here is a quick overview of five smartphone games that set themselves from the crowd in 2018.

Pocket City

City-building simulations are often watered down for mobile devices, but Pocket City manages to keep things complex enough. There are water and power management, jobs and housing demands, police and fire departments, as well as natural disasters. Upgrades are also an option and there are no microtransactions so that you can enjoy the game completely.

Reigns: Game of Thrones

This is an interesting one as it leans on the famous GoT franchise, but keeps things light. You will be playing as a ruler of Westeros that has to make numerous decisions that affect the outcome of the story. The story is deep enough to offer plenty of different scenarios and keep you intrigued for a while.

Donut County

There is an underground hole in which things fall in. Your task is to move throughout the location until you’ve cleaned everything. The locations differ and include everything from doughnuts to mountains. With plenty of humour involved, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun while playing Donut County.


This isn’t a long game, but it is simply beautiful. How do you imagine an average relationship? Florence is aware that it has positives and negatives, as well as good days and bad days. The graphics and music do the job of portraying things and speech bubbles are actually puzzles for you. The ending is also incredibly emotional and is worth playing for.

Part Time UFO

There is no joke – you will be playing as a UFO which looks exactly like you would imagine it, including reminding of an alien and having claws. It is the claws that you will mostly utilize during the jobs you accept. The graphics are colourful and charming just as you would expect from HAL Laboratory who developed Smash Bros. and the Kirby series.

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