These Five Major Studios Were Also Forced to Close, Just Like Telltale Games


The story about Telltale Games being forced to close their studio is sad, but it is a reminder that things are cruel in the world of the gaming industry, as well as in all other areas of capitalism. Although developers are constantly raising the limits and setting new bars for the quality of games, we are also witnesses that many studios are having huge problems with surviving in the business world.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest studios that were forced to stop their operations even though it seemed that they were successful.

Gazillion Entertainment

This studio is most known for Marvel Heroes and, although it seemed like the game had adequate success, they were forced to lay off about 200 employees.

Capcom Vancouver

Another recent shutdown is Capcom’s studio based in Vancouver. Although this studio created the successful game Dead Rising, the board of directors decided to focus on developing their games in Japan, which is the home country of the studio, and that is why they made this decision. It is assumed that around 150 employees were fired.


This studio was supposed to make a Star Wars-based game, but the unpredictable turn of events forced them to announce a shutdown. At the time of closing, they had approximately 80 staff members that in the past also created Battlefield Hardline and Dead Space.


You probably heard of Gigantic, a beautiful strategic hero shooter and a MOBA that got incredibly positive reviews on Steam. Unfortunately, more than 75 employees lost their jobs when the studio was forced to close their premises.

Wargaming Seattle

This studio changed its name in the process as it used to be known as Gas Powered Games. Even that didn’t help as 150 employees were laid off as the creators of Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander were forced to announce bankruptcy.

Call for Help for Telltale Employees

A total of 275 employees was forced to leave Telltale Games over the last 12 months. At this moment, you can encounter a solidarity campaign on social media that offer support to the staff members that were laid off. If you type a hashtag #telltalejobs, you will find job listings of similar positions where Telltale Games employed them while they were in business.

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