Halo Infinite 2018

Five Games That We Should Have Played in 2018

You have surely read dozens of best games of 2018 lists and the chances are you played most of them. But what about those titles that you should have played, but you didn’t? And we are not talking about your choices, but simply the lack of opportunity to test them because they still aren’t released. Here is the list of games that were announced for 2018, but are still in the development phase.

Halo Infinite

There was a very limited amount of information available on Halo Infinite up until recently when the developers shared some interesting insight during a live stream. 343 Industries confirmed that we will get the chance to play a beta version and, even more important, that Halo Infinite will definitely be coming to PC and not just like a simple port but as an independently developed game.


It is hard to be completely innovative in the gaming industry these days, but Electronic Arts and BioWare seem to be making Anthem with the goal of taking their share of the online shooter market. However, Anthem seems like an interesting game that could attract numerous players if it is done properly. Its release date is now officially set for February 22, 2019, which means we will soon see how the community will accept the game. We just hope EA won’t push things too far with microtransactions.

Anthem Gameplay

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Talk about a game that we are waiting for a long time. The first announcement happened in 2016 and when the gameplay footage was revealed, it seemed that everything was going according to the plan. However, there is not much news about Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord at the moment. Steam does offer several developer blogs, but there is no word about the official release date.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord-Gameplay

Age of Empires 4

Here is what we know about Age of Empires 4 – it was announced in 2017. Okay, we are exaggerating a bit, but no one can deny the fact that we should have been able to play the game by now. After all, Microsoft is among the rare companies that usually deliver on their promises (partly because they have the required resources for that). It seems that we still need to be a bit patient and play the remastered versions of the original trilogy in the meantime.

Diablo 4

We are leaving a game that is only a rumour for the end of the list. Everyone was expecting Blizzard to announce Diablo 4 during Blizzcon held earlier this year, but they revealed Diablo Immortal for smartphones instead. As expected, fans were not pleased with this reveal. We can only hope that Blizzard will fix things with a real Diablo 4 announcement soon.

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