Fishing Clash Review: The Most Fun You Will Have with Catching Fish Ever!

Fishing Clash Review

Fishing is not a hobby for everyone. It takes a patient and tactful approach if you want to make a great catch. But all the time spent in the boat doing practically nothing but waiting for the fish to bite didn’t seem attractive to me. That is probably why Ten Square Games took a more popular approach and tried to make fishing exciting. Mind you; it succeeded in doing so because Fishing Clash might be one of the best new smartphone releases I played in a while!

Are You Ready to Catch Some Fish?

Let’s clarify one thing at the beginning – don’t expect a realistic simulator of this sport. On the other hand, be prepared for loads of excitement as you catch various spices in different locations around the world. The game immediately puts you into action. The moment you start it places you next to a river with a fishing rod in your hands. You’ll find out later that this river is actually Florida Coast.

There is a simple tutorial that will explain you to the mechanism of catching the fish. First, you need to press the “Cast” button to cast your rod. There is one immediately obvious downside that might bother you. The game doesn’t allow you to move around the location or even choose how far you want to cast. Instead, everything is decided for you, and you can merely press a button.

Yes, the Fish Will Bite, but Will You Outsmart It?

As I mentioned, Fishing Clash is more of an arcade game than a simulator. You can conclude that when you notice that the fish will bite within a couple of seconds from casting. The sound you hear and the water splashing will be the signals that you can start outsmarting the fish and pulling it out of the river. The mechanics are simple – there is a meter that shows the tension of the line. It is divided into three parts, and only the middle section works to your benefit.

Fishing Clash Gameplay

Fishing competition

You decide the line tension by moving your finger. If you manage to keep it in the proper section long enough, you will make your first catch. It won’t be hard at first, but it will become challenging once you start dealing with more massive specimens. For each fish you caught, you will score a certain amount of points based on its weight and your performance. Keeping the line in the marked center section for a while will increase the combo and secure you more points.

The Unusual Case of Card Upgrading

As expected from a mobile game, there is a lot of upgrading awaiting you in the Fishing Clash. You start with a universal lure appropriate for all species, but there are also unique lures to be used for specific fish. In fact, there are a total of 165 baits available, and each of them can be upgraded to enable catching larger fish. What’s intriguing is that each lure is represented by a card and the game occasionally provides you with free packs.

Record Fish Catch

A record fish catch

You can also work on improving the rods. Unlike lure upgrades that require investing coins, you enhance them by earning points. There are many ways to win them, but the best way to start is to complete the tasks that the game puts in front of you. For each completed achievement, you will get sweet rewards and improvements to your gear. Aside from the quests, there are championships where you get to compete against the world for the largest fish you can catch, as well as time-limited events that bring exclusive prizes. And as with any mobile game, there’s also the option to buy premium currency, which sucks for some players.

The Exciting Player VS Player Experience

Fishing Clash also offers a PvP mode where you can test your skills against other players in one on one combat. Before the battle, each fisher gets to choose one fish type that will count for the win, which means you should catch at least two specimens during each duel. You have three minutes to do that, and the fisher with a better score in the end wins.

All the battles are real-time, but you can’t see what the other person is doing. However, there will be an indicator of their current results in the corner of the screen. There were some matches where only a couple of points decided the winner, so take my word for it – duels are exciting. Each victory will give you a boost in the number of trophies, while a defeat will take away some of them. The matchmaking system is fair, and the connection is stable, so no complaints there.

Fishing Clash is an intriguing arcade take on fishing. There is a lot to do in the game, considering that it packs 10 locations and more than 150 fish species in 3D graphics. The in-game currency will make you do some grinding, but it’s not that unfair. Overall, if you like casual games, this one is more than worth your while. You can download it for free via Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).

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