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Steam Ready for Its First Uncensored Adult Game

The first uncensored game on Steam ever is set to appear on Friday. According to announcements, it will be Negligee: Love Stories that will break the ice when it comes to games 100% free of censorship. In fact, this game has been ready for release for a while, but the developers had to wait until Valve developed new filtering tools that will enable users to view “Adult Only Sexual Content” and “Nudity or Sexual Content” while browsing Steam.

Truth to be told, this is not the first time that sexual content is present on Steam. In fact, you could see scenes of sex in The Witcher 3 and Mass Effect 2, but it is definitely not what you would call “pornography.” When it comes to visual novels, where Negligee LS also belongs, there was some censored sexual content in the past.

“We won’t Restrict Players or Developers” – Valve

However, with the announcement of the new policy, Valve won’t restrict players when it comes to gaming content.

“We respect that the players should get to decide what type of content they want or don’t want to buy. The same goes for developers, we shouldn’t limit you when it comes to content types you can make. We are just here to provide tools and systems that will go in line with your efforts. However, our aim is to make you feel comfortable using our system.”

If you try to access the Negligee’s game page, you will notice that Steam will inform you about what content you are about to see. There is also a message in which the developers describe the content they made.

The reactions from the gaming community are diverse. While some praise Valve’s decision to remain neutral, others are worried that this could to exploiting the new policy and publishing content that, for example, contains themes related to abuse and pressured sexual intercourse. We are, however, yet to see whether Valve will participate in filtering the content in some way or it will remain on the sidelines.

Love Stories Gameplay

The community is worried about the inclusion of real-life pornography as a video-game sequence. Can this be the way around for pornographic creators to sell their content on Steam? Is there a chance for them to wrap it all up in a game-like user interface and insert sex scenes with real people? In theory, there is a chance that a section of Steam may become similar to Pornhub unless Valve decides to intervene.

At this point, there are no other 100% free of censorship games announced on Steam. It remains to be seen what kind of releases we can expect during the following weeks. In the meantime, you can take a look at this content by selecting the right filters from the Steam menu. If you do not want them to appear, you can easily block them from the settings.

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