Gran Turismo Sport Debuts On PS4 – First Look At The Gameplay

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Series Is Stepping Up The Game

It has been exactly two decades since the first Gran Turismo was released. Ever since then, the now-renowned racing simulation series has been pronounced one of the trademarks of the PlayStation series. Twenty years later, we are expecting the seventh main installment of the franchise on PlayStation 4, which will be out in October 2017. Here is what we know about Gran Turismo Sport after its promotion at E3 expo this year.

The first thing we need to mention is that Sony truly created a spectacular presentation for GT Sport at their E3 booth. They prepared eight cockpits along with the latest racing wheel and allowed the visitors to test their driving skills. Add to that the fact that each race was directly broadcasted at the booth (as well as online) and you will get the answer why the Polyphony Digital’s area of Sony’s booth was the most visited during the expo. The experience was complete – guy with the camera filmed interviews with the racers and off-screen action while a professional racing commentator (can’t remember his name) gave the audience an even better feeling they are watching a real race. Everyone had the chance to try their hand at both circuit races and rally races.

Gran Turismo Sport Graphics

The truth is that Gran Turismo Sport might be the closest thing to getting out on the course and actually racing other drivers. The moment I saw the track was evident that this is the best looking game of the series when it comes to graphics. It doesn’t come as a surprise as Sony secured the support for the full 4K resolution, as well as HDR. Before we tested the game, Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the GT series, held a presentation where he explained that Polyphony used a wider color gamut than the typical RGB color space. That secured that the color schemes of the cars are more faithful to the original models. You might think that the developers are going too far, but trust me – if you are a motorsport fan, you will understand why every little detail matters.

A Whole Lot Of Cars

While we are on the topic of car models, there will be a total of 140 cars that resemble real-life models. As Yamauchi announced, there will be some concept vehicles that should spice up the players’ imagination. The thing we weren’t thrilled with was that we should expect around 20 tracks in Gran Turismo Sport, which is not exactly a big number. However, the trick probably lies in multiple DLCs that the developers are preparing. While that means that we will get numerous additional tracks after the game launches, it also means that we need to provide some extra cash to obtain them. Oh, well, life is not perfect.


Fortunately, GT Sport almost is. Starting from how it looks, with desert and city track both designed to the tiniest detail, up to neat little features such as driver identities, in-depth editor, and Photo Scapes, which will enable you to place your vehicle in one of over 1000 locations and snap a photo to publish it online.

As already mentioned, you will be able to drive through both circuit and rally courses, which means that you will be going off-road in Gran Turismo Sport. Once you choose the rally track, you are in for a different experience than in a city, which means that you should be prepared to adjust your vehicle, as well as driving habits to tackle the off-road tracks.


GT Sport will also enable you to participate in online racing championships, which are approved by the official International Automobile Federation (FIA). You can even earn an official license from FIA to drive in these championships. It means that the newest installment of the series will focus on multiplayer racing. Sony already announced a couple of official championships along with the prizes available for those who progress through the finals that should be broadcasted online.

Gran Turismo Sport Is Making Its Debut on PlayStation 4

Believe it or not, Sony didn’t release a GT game for their newest console. It is as if they waited for PS4 Pro and 4K support to become a standard so that they could make a groundbreaking racing simulation. There is no doubt that Gran Turismo Sport will be a truly incredible game once it hits the shelves on October 18, 2017. Naturally, the game is a PlayStation exclusive, which means you can only expect it to be released for PS4. Sony has already launched a campaign for the beta phase of the game, which you can join here.

Comparison with Other Racing Games

The keyword in describing Gran Turismo Sport is that it will be a racing simulation. Yes, you should expect that your driving experience is remarkably similar to one in real life. If you just miss a turn by a second, you can easily find yourself intensively steering in the other direction only to discover that you’ve gone too far with your correction. The beauty of previous GT installments was that the difference was noticeable whenever you change a vehicle, and that is something you can also expect now.

Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay

When it comes to similarities, the rally courses remind a bit of Dirt, and they will be its great competitor, considering that they play a significant role in Sony’s game. But the core focus of GT Sport is handling and the realistic experience, which might not come as good news for fans of arcade racing. Yes, it’s a whole other turf than Need for Speed or Forza Motorsport 7 which are focused on the excitement and arcade experience. If you are not a fan of racing sims that are trying to get things close to reality, you might not love Gran Turismo Sport. On the other hand, why wouldn’t you like a realistic game of racing?

There is another thing that we noticed, and that is the fact that GT Sport won’t feature the VR support. While you might consider it a drawback compared to Project CARS 2, it won’t be easy for the competitors to match the feeling you have when driving a super-premium car sitting in a comfy chair and steering with a professional racing wheel. Yes, that is an additional investment, but so is the VR.

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