Firefly Reveals Co-Op Builder Romans: Age of Caesar

Romans Age of Caesar

British development team Firefly Studios announced that they are working on their next title Romans: Age of Caesar. The studio is best known for its Stronghold franchise, although they also worked on Space Colony and CivCity: Rome.

According to the announcement, their next game will be a co-op city builder. Although it is not a direct sequel, the studio emphasizes that it is a spiritual successor of Stronghold Kingdoms, the MMO strategy designed by the same team. It is even more interesting to mention that some of the members of the team worked on Caesar games that used to be extremely popular among strategy lovers, especially Caesar III. The concept is a bit different now as Romans: Age of Caesar is heading for release on both smartphones and PCs and it will focus on co-op playing.

Stronghold Kingdoms, A Major Success

Firefly thanked the community for accepting their Stronghold Kingdoms game. The statistics indicate that it had more than six million players, although it was a debut MMO release from the studio. Now seems to be the right time for something similar, but different enough.

“We have a legacy of designing sim games set in Rome, and we want to build on that. That is why we developed an online-based co-op city builder. In it, players will have the opportunity to work together with the joint goal of rebuilding great Roman cities. Eric Ouellette and Simon Bradbury, members of our team who have previous experience with Caesar games, are looking forward to returning to the setting of ancient Rome,” says the statement sent by the studio.

Firefly further reveals that each city will accept up to 16 players and all of them will have to cooperate. Their task will be to establish trade routes, share resources, as well as resist the barbarians who want to invade the city.

Romans: Age of Caesar will support cross-platform playing. At this moment, the exact release date is unknown. However, the studio promised that we would get to play the game later in 2019. If you are interested in receiving updates, sign up for the studio’s newsletter on the official website. The sooner you do so, the better the chances of getting selected for a future Alpha test!

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