Three Expansions for Final Fantasy XV Cancelled, the Director Left Square Enix!

Final Fantasy XV Expansions

It’s not often that a piece of news truly rocks the gaming community, but that is precisely what happened earlier today when Square Enix revealed that three Final Fantasy XV expansions were cancelled! As if that wasn’t enough, Hajime Tabata, the lead director of the game, announced that he is quitting the studio and starting his own team in an effort to create an entirely new franchise.

While that may not be so strange, what particularly surprised us is that Square Enix didn’t send an official announcement to the press or anything like that. Instead, there was a live stream organized in the honour of two years since FFXV has been released. At the time when the fans were expecting positive information and some cool features regarding the upcoming DLC to be announced, bad news struck out of the blue.

Which Expansions Were Canceled?

A total of three episodes won’t be released – Noctis, Lunafreye, and Aranea. If there is anything good about this, it is that Ardyn DLC will be scheduled as planned, which means we can expect it for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in March 2019.

Luminous is the team that was supposed to be working on the expansions, but SE revealed that their focus will change and they will dedicate to an entirely new AAA release. We do not have any details regarding that new game. It seems unclear how this is a smart move from Square Enix since they have reported $33 million loss after Luminous changed its focus.

Tabata was actually the guest of the mentioned live stream, but he only used his time with the viewers to reveal that he is leaving in a pursuit for a more exciting project.

“There is something that I consider the upcoming challenge in my career. It is the reason for my depart and plans to found my own studio,” said Tabata.

He emphasized that his support for the former employers remains. Tabata also thanked the fans that have been supporting Final Fantasy XV and himself.

Square Enix also revealed that the multiplayer expansion for FFXV can be played as a standalone release. If you already performed the purchase, you will receive the expansion in the form of a free game called FFXV: Multiplayer Comrades along with 10 extra bosses, weapons, and costumes.

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