10-Hour Trial Offer for FIFA 19 Available Via EA Access


We are getting close to the official release of FIFA 19 and the EA Access trial of the game has been available for a couple of days now. The condition is that you are an Xbox One owner, which will enable you to apply to play the complete version of the game for a total of ten hours. That should be enough to get an idea about the release and whether it is worth investing. You may take advantage of this offer up until the official release. It is up to you how you will use the time within the game, but please make it active and avoid accidentally leaving the game on and doing something else. The limit is strictly ten hours and that has to be respected.

The good news is that any progress you make while playing the free trial will be transferred to FIFA 19 full version assuming that you buy it. Additionally, Electronic Arts Sports has secured a 10% discount for all those that purchase the game after the EA access initial release. The discount will cover not only the release itself but also any downloadable content that may appear over time. Make sure to check out the vault as you might notice that DLC will become available for free after a while.

What Is the Download Size of FIFA 19?

As expected, the size of the installation is huge and the current download amounts to 37.5 GB. However, keep in mind that this is information for Xbox One owners and the good news is that they will get an opportunity to play an enhanced version, which means that they can expect both 4K and HDR features to be implemented. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the same thing was applied in FIFA 18.

FIFA 19 will be the next installment of the famous soccer/football franchise designed by Electronic Arts Sports. It will be available for playing locally and online and, from this year, it will feature UEFA Champions League while Ultimate Team fans might also expect a new mode. Konami, the main competitor of EA Sports, has already released their installment for this year under the name Pro Evolution Soccer 19.

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