FIFA 18 Is Now Available For Those Who Pre-ordered


It’s a beautiful day for football fans around the world because EA Sports announced that FIFA 18 is officially available for customers who pre-ordered the game. The official release date of the full version is September 29, but players who already bought Icon Edition or Ronaldo Edition of the game are enabled early access. In short, if you pre-ordered the latest football gem from EA, you can play it now. After the FIFA mobile releases, fans of the franchise were waiting very eagerly for this new title.

Oh, and if you didn’t, you can do so right now and unlock the game immediately. All you have to is to head to your Xbox Live or PlayStation Store and make the purchase. The Icon Edition is the most expensive version of the game, and its price is set at $100. For a little less money ($80) you can get the Ronaldo Edition. Of course, you can always opt for purchasing the standard version. That will cost you only $60, but you won’t be able to play the game in early access. Although, if you want to get the cheapest price, then you should go to G2A using the button below.


FIFA 18 Demo And First Impressions

If you are not a fan of the FIFA series or you would prefer to check out what new features are implemented into the game, you can always download FIFA 18 Demo first. It is available for PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One and it won’t cost you a single cent.

As for the first impressions, those who played the game claim that things happening off the pitch are its best feature. There is a whole bunch of game modes available so that you never get bored. Both Ultimate Team and Career Mode are once again implemented along with some neat new features.

The visual presentation is FIFA 18’s strongest suit. The developers used real player motion technology to secure that players move and feel just like they do when you watch them in real life. Making some dribbling that is unique to Cristiano Ronaldo does sound cool, doesn’t it?

On the pitch, the authors made sure to focus on the details. You will notice banners that are unique to a particular stadium or club, as well as the pitch quality,  changing and even the Sun adjusting its position during a match. As for the game experience itself, you can choose between numerous new team styles, including high press or tiki-taka. The gameplay, however, remained largely the same. That means that you will love it if you are a fan of the series and, if that’s not the case, you should probably look somewhere else.

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