Fallout 76 System Requirements

Want to Play Fallout 76? Here are the Minimum and Recommended System Requirements

Bethesda has been patiently building up anticipation ahead of the release of their new game – Fallout 76. The latest information that we found out is system requirements for PC. Beta testing is currently in progress and this could be useful information for those that are still thinking whether they should buy the game or not.

Minimum System Requirements

As expected, Fallout 76 will require you to have at least Windows 7 and an operating system and processor that support 64-bit. The processors that will work are AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5GHZ or Intel Core i5-6600K. Anything in that range will also do.

When it comes to graphics, AMD lovers will need at least Radeon R9 285 2GB while Intel owners should have a minimum of NVidia GTX 780 3GB or similar. As for hard drive space and RAM memory, you should prepare 60GB of storage on your hard drive and own at least 8GB RAM of memory so that you can play Fallout 76 without any issues.

Recommended System Requirements

Some demands remain the same, such as a 64-bit system that needs to be at least Windows 7. The storage and RAM memory requirements are also identical (60 and 8GB respectively). The processor and graphics combo for AMD is Ryzen 5 1500X 4.5 GHz and AMD R9 290X 4GB. As for Intel users, you need to have Intel ore processor i7-4790 4.6 GHz and Nvidia GTX 970 4GB or better.

Although it is a step forward in requirements compared to Fallout 4, we have to admit that Bethesda wasn’t that harsh. After all, we are in 2018, but even the recommended settings do not require you to have a brilliant gaming machine. Instead, you can enjoy Fallout 76 as long as you have a decent gaming PC.

Let us remind you that the release date for the game is officially set at November 14, 2018, while PC owners will get the chance to play the beta in the coming days.

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