Will Fallout 76 Become Free to Play?

Fallout 76 Free to Play

Bethesda and the gaming community had huge hopes for Fallout 76, but everything went south as soon as the game was released. In the world of fierce competition, Bethesda made too many mistakes in development and just failed to make their game good. The statistics and news are no speaking in favour of Fallout 76 or the company and they have been getting a lot of negative publicity lately.

The sad truth is that you can’t say that the game is good in any way and the question now is if there is a way out. One of the suggestions you can find online is to make the game free to play. This is something that CS: GO recently did and, although they received numerous negative reviews, they also attracted a huge number of new players.

We Can All Take a Guess

What would happen with Fallout 76 if Bethesda decides to make it free? We are just guessing here as nobody knows what guys at the studio are thinking about (except something along the line of “how the hell we make this right?!”). As with any decision, there will be positives and negatives. Perhaps the best example of that being a good move is Fortnite, which initially was a co-op release that you had to pay for.

The chances that Fallout 76 will go down the road of Fortnite are, however, slim. If you check out the Fallout 76 forums and players opinions, the gaming community doesn’t appreciate premium items offered in the game that much. It is why they are not motivated to purchase the in-game’s currency called Atoms, and this is not likely to change if the game goes free.

It implies that it would take a bunch of new items to be added to the store to make things tempting for the players. This is something that would again take a lot of time and resources and it is anything but a safe bet. Although, we wouldn’t bet that the current state of Fallout 76 would entice players even if it is offered for free. Have we mentioned that the competition is fierce?

It seems that the best choice for Bethesda might be to focus on new games and just forget this embarrassment…

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