You Will Need 45GB of Hard Drive Space If You Want to Play Fallout 76 Beta

We are gearing up for the beta release of Fallout 76, the new game that Bethesda is working on. If you are an Xbox One owner, you might have a reason o celebrate as you will have an entire week of advantage ahead of other players. Although that may be an opportunity to brag to your friends that you played Fallout 76, it won’t bring any true competitive advantage compared to other beta players since the game doesn’t plan on supporting cross-play now or for its full release.

The exact release date for Xbox One beta is October 23, while PC and PS4 owners will get the chance to play it precisely a week later, on October 30. However, there is a trick for console players, which will need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscriptions to be eligible to test Fallout 76 beta. Keep in mind that you will also need these memberships once the full release appears since the game is meant to be played online.

How to Access the Beta

If you are ready to test the beta, you can purchase the title on the official website or Bethesda or buy from one of the retailers that sell the game. There is no pre-loading of the beta at the moment, but we do know that Fallout 76 will take 45GB of your hard drive space one it gets available for downloading. The good news for PC owners is that they won’t be required to download the final release again (however, there may be an update or two in between). On the other hand, console owners will have a separate final version and will need to re-download it. Either way, the progress will be transferable, which means that whatever you do during the testing phase will apply to the final release.

The goal of the Fallout 76 Beta is to test the game and fix as many errors as possible, which means that you cannot expect things to be perfect. At the moment, we know that the game may be playable from four to eight hours daily, but Bethesda didn’t share the exact times. We expect this information to appear a couple of days before the official beta launches.

Do not forget to check the official trailer available here.

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