Much like the eSports scene captured the eyes of many, so too did it produce several small tournaments in different genres. By no means is EVO a tiny thing, but those who know of it are only seasoned and devoted fans. Fighting games are a specific kind of competitive matchmaking. While in most competitive events, you rely on the use of comradeship, here it’s just your own skill and your personal battle. To enter EVO is not something to be taken lightly. And the more we close in on it, the more news we get about the actual 2020 event. So what did we find out?

EVO’s 2020 Lineup

As of February 5th, 2020, Evolution Championship Series has uploaded the full line-up of their tournaments. Last year’s Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 once again make an appearance. However, the holy trinity’s final member, aka Mortal Kombat 11, passes up this year, focusing more on polishing the game with DLC content. In its place, Granblue Fantasy Versus gets a chance to shine, in the wake of a localized release this March. Yet the center stage is reserved specifically for two games this year. One of the main tournaments that is highly promoted throughout the event is Samurai Shodown.

This 2019 release saw a reemergence of the sword-based fighting genre. With constant additions to the roster and updates to characters, its newest improvement being the second season of added casts. This year, the hype over this sword-based tournament has reached sky-high and the tournament is expected to house a large number of competitors. And yet, its other counterpart also saw a massive rise in popularity since its announcement.

After a considerable number of years, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Tournament of Champions is making a return. After a mediocre release of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, fans of this particular fighter had to wait a couple of years for the series to return to EVO. As luck would have it, all those bewitched by the casual, yet competitive pick and play of the 2000 release have a chance to check it out, with MvC2 being showcased at the event. Being one of the main events during the tournament, it is most likely that we will witness a rare spectacle on stage.

Aside from that, most veterans such as Super Smash Bros. and Dragon Ball FighterZ once again stack the highest number of players this year as well.


Other news regarding the EVO championship revolves around the qualifications for the event itself. In addition to being present at the tournament’s line-up, Granblue Fantasy Versus will also be a significant part of the Arc World Tour 2020. This is Arc System Works’ own platinum event that coincides with the EVO Championship. Rumors have also been surfacing that more footage and gameplay of the upcoming Guilty Gear would be revealed during the event.

As for the qualifications themselves, they kick-off this April with the NorCal Regionals, aka NCR. Big E Gaming will also hold qualifications for MvC2 during the same month between the 10th and 12th. The third round of qualifies takes place on 22-24 of May at the Combo Breaker Tournament. Finally, if players managed to miss out on these previous attempts to enter the fray, they can do so at EVO itself. The competition will hold a last-minute check-in on the 31st of July.

Other games from the Namco Bandai series will also have their own qualifications in the wake of their own World Tour contests. Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is having its finale unfold this week in Paris. While news of Soul Calibur and Tekken World Tour 2020 has yet to surface.


What we can say with certainty is that applications for EVO 2020 are now being considered. So if anyone wishes to sign up, their chances are now better than ever. Naturally, with such a magnificent event as this one comes preparation. We patiently wait to see what will unfold and what exciting moments we will witness during the actual event. The EVO Championship takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada between July 31st and August 2nd, 2020, Be sure to follow us in the future for an in-depth look at the event and its most badass moments.

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