The closer we get to Ubisoft Forward, a much anticipated digital games showcase event, the more number of leaks pop out every day. First, the 30 min gameplay of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and then another 7 min clip. Although these gameplay builds were mostly several months old we still got to see many details which otherwise would have been saved for later. Following Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, we recently got brand new information regarding the rather unknown FarCry 6 thanks to the leak coming from Hong Kong’s PlayStation Network website. Let’s go over everything that we know about the upcoming FarCry 6, supposedly releasing in Feb of 2021.

Gus from Breaking Bad as the Main Antagonist

It all started when an interview of Giancarlo Esposito, also known as Gus from Breaking Bad, caught popularity online in which he stated that one of the projects he was involved in was a AAA game and that it was going to be “huge”. Fans were quick to discern that this unknown project might just be either FarCry 6 or GTA 6. However, since it is the FarCry series that features psychotic villains and the already existing rumors of FarCry 6 being in a more tropical setting, Giancarlo being involved in FarCry 6 was a favourite theory. Eventually, it turned out to be true.

A few days ago, an erroneous PSN listing on the Hong Kong website leaked a few key details regarding FarCry 6. The cover image has Giancarlo’s character called Anton Castillo standing with a young prodigy named Diego with the background art colored with bloodthirsty revolution. Although the relationship between Anton and Diego isn’t clear, there’s a good chance that Anton considers Diego his successor. In a clip floating online during the leaks, we see Anton handing out a grenade to Diego and instructing him to hold on tightly to it. It is an intense scene overlapped with scenes of turmoil and chaos in the land.

Joseph Seed, FarCry 5’s villain, was often compared to Vaas and Pagan Min. So, it is good to see Ubisoft taking steps to change that and Giancarlo is a damn good bet for that. Also, we might just see Vaas’ return as well if Diego actually is ‘young Vaas’ like the theories say.

The Tropical Setting of Yara

One of the biggest critiques of FarCry 5 was its setting. As beautiful as it looked, the American setting of FarCry 5 just lacked that magic of FarCry 3 and FarCry 4’s setting. Many fans hoped that Ubisoft would go back to what worked and with FarCry 6, it seems that’s going to happen. Thanks to the information, we know that the new FarCry will in-fact be set in a tropical and mysterious location named Yara, which Ubisoft described as, “a tropical paradise frozen in time.” Not to mention, FarCry 6 will also be their biggest game of the franchise yet. It’s not a surprise as we are heading into the next-gen of gaming but it is exciting to know nonetheless.

Besides the aesthetic, the information about the setting gives us hints regarding the plot too. Yara is a place which is falling apart and Anton being the dictator wants to bring it back to glory, no matter what actions he may have to take. As for our character, we will reportedly play as Dani Rojas, a rebel figure standing against Anton and possibly Diego later on.

Considering the information present, there’s a good chance that this game might bring FarCry back to the same heights of FarCry 2 and 3 since those two games are the best of the series. Having a better villain and setting is surely the right way to go about it but we’ll know more on July 12 and as time goes on.

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