EVE Online Onslaught Co-Op Expansion Is Available Now

Eve Online Onslaught

Onslaught is the name of the latest expansion released for EVE Online, the MMO space RPG developed by CCP Games. The new add-on is focusing on cooperation between the players, but also offers a chance for exciting and high-paced duels. You can take a look at the new features in the following YouTube video:

The first thing mentioned is new structures, such as the Ansiblex jump gate and Pharolux Cyno Beacon. However, the focus is on gameplay additions and the feature tour shows that you will get to play the Abyssal Deadspace co-op. Let us remind you that this location showed first in May with the expansion called Into the Abyss.

There is no need to emphasize that you can’t expect the area to be welcoming when it has such a dark name. Actually, it is quite dangerous and you can expect to see different anomalies that can cause immediate ship destruction.

Fortunately, you can now play in teams of three so that you can manage to defeat non-playing characters and find your way out of the Abyss. On your journey, you are also allowed to scavenge. However, keep in mind that your life will constantly be endangered. In case it happens that at least two members of the team make it out, they will have to sort out the winner in a duel. The winning player will take the entire loot, which sounds like an attractive offer that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Moving on to new additions, you can expect completely fresh additions when it comes to triglavian ships, including the battlecruiser called Drekavac and a destroyer named Kikimora. There is also a super cool addition that allows you to keep track of your progress at any moment.

It is a screen that shows in-depth information about the mining time invested, as well as the number of players you killed. It is a neat feature that will enable you to look back proudly on all the effort you put into playing EVE Online. You can read everything about it on the official game website.

While you are at the official website, you can check out the buying options in case you still haven’t tried the game. If you are a fan of space-themed MMORPGs, you will undoubtedly be delighted.

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