Project Nova, EVE Online Multiplayer Shooter, Officially Cancelled

EVE Project Nova

Project Nova, the multiplayer shooter based on EVE that we were expecting to release soon, has undoubtedly been postponed after CCP Games, the developer of the game, decided to get back to the drawing board. Although the progress was visible and they even revealed some cool information on the game, CCP wasn’t satisfied with how everything worked.

The story of Project Nova had started in 2016 when the studio announced that they will co-create the game with Sumo Digital. In the minds of the developers, they imagined the game to be a sort of spiritual sequel to Dust 514, a shooter that used to be available without any charges for PlayStation 3.

We actually haven’t heard much about the game until two months ago when CCP discovered gameplay information. As they emphasized, Project Nova should have been a mixture of PvP modes filled with action and PvE modes that required tactics. The entire game was planned to demand advanced strategy and skills.

Everything seemed to be going well and even the alpha registration was supposed to be open in November. Once almost the entire month passed and there were no invites, it became apparent something is wrong. Who could have assumed that the developers are actually making a step back?

As they emphasize, this backstep is only because they want to make a leap forward. Their statement on the official website reveals that there were internal player sessions conducted as they wanted to playtest the game before heading into closed alpha.

The problem is, however, that they are everything but satisfied with how the gameplay of Project Nova looks. In fact, they pinpoint they imagined something totally different. As it could not live up to the promises, they didn’t think it is the right formula to achieve ambitious objectives for the game.

Effectively, this seems that Project Nova is officially closed. The developers are returning to brainstorming and coming up with new ideas on how they can make a game that will utilize the EVE Universe properly and meet the expectations of the fans.

The good news is that we can still expect a multiplayer shooter experience for the lovers of EVE Online. We just have to see how CCP Games is going to turn that idea into reality.

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