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Epic Earned $3 Billion in 2018 – What’s Next in (Epic’s) Store?

We all knew that Fortnite is the most successful game of 2018. We do not need any statistics or experts to tell us that. This is why it was not a surprise that Epic Games also had a tremendously impressive year in which they earned somewhere around $3 billion. Yes, you’ve read that right – it is three billion dollars only in 2018!

Fortnite has the most important role in this profit as its Battle Royale mode is unmatchable by any other game, although the competition in the genre is fierce. Just so that we keep things realistic, we should mention that there were certain problems for Epic during the year, too, as they had to face several lawsuits.

However, that didn’t affect the truly amazing year in which Epic announced several huge projects that the company is planning in the near future. One of them has already begun – Epic Store officially started this month and it is already filled with exclusives.

A Change of Focus Was Required

It is interesting to note how Epic reached these amazing heights. It all started six years ago when Tencent got a 40% stake in the company for a whopping $330 million. From that moment, the company changed their focus and decided to dedicate more attention to games-as-a-service, which was a real jackpot.

Even Fortnite wasn’t an epic (pun intended) success at first. The game had mixed reviews and wasn’t received greatly by the community. However, once the Battle Royale was released, even the studio was surprised with the results achieved.

Just one game enabled Epic to become the most successful development studio in 2018 and become not only the leaders of the industry but also competitors to Steam, which was the king of gaming distribution platforms up until now. There is no doubt that exciting time lies ahead of us and we are looking forward to seeing Epic’s future projects!

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