Empires & Puzzles Review – A New Take on The Match-Three Genre

Empires & Puzzles Review

It seems that development teams from Finland know how to make great games, especially for mobile phones. Another proof of that is the Empires & Puzzles created by Small Giant Games from this country. This is an interesting take on the match-three genre that offers some new ideas or dares to combine existing ones. Either way, the final result is a role-playing match-3 that is becoming quite popular!

What an Incredible Mix of Genres!

Empires & Puzzles follows the expected recipe when it comes to smartphones – we will allow you to play the game for free, but in-game purchases will make things better and easier and we will do our best to remind you about the things you can buy all the time! Once we made peace with that fact, we started noticing what kind of game this is.

Empires and Puzzles Gameplay 1

The developers made a mixture of match-three and collectable card genres. While you will have the puzzles to solve by matching three same pieces, you will also collect common and rare characters that will help you in the combat against monsters and real opponents. Want more than that? How about a section where you will build and expand a base? This game has that, too, which somehow implies that the idea of the developers was to combine the existing ideas, but only those that proved to be moneymakers. And they succeded because the game is very addictive and it will get you spending money on gems sooner than you think. But if you’re not into spending money, then you should check out this Empires and Puzzles guide.

Can You Manage Your Resources?

As expected, you will need a lot of effort to manage your resources. For a mobile game, things can get pretty complicated in Empires and Puzzles. You will need to find food for your units, as well as iron that you will need to upgrade your structures and construct combat items. The heroes play an important role and you can upgrade them, too, which will result in them becoming more powerful in their special abilities, such as damage of healings.

Empires and Puzzles Gameplay 2

The fact that you need to balance a lot of things is what keeps the game interesting. The good news is that the game expands gradually, which means that you are not expected to do everything from the beginning. Instead, there is plenty of time to learn how the mechanics work. However, you will need to dedicate about an hour to the tutorial, but we couldn’t expect a tutorial for a complex game to be simple.

You can choose to fight against AI or other players. However, keep in mind that you won’t be playing an actual battle. Instead, each player picks their team for defending and that is who you are facing. The matchmaking system has become little better now, but it still has problems with choosing the right opponent. You can get extremely annoyed when you encounter an opponent five times more powerful, which will result in a match that you could have as well forfeit. Grinding is the best way to progress and it also becomes the only method at some point, which is a shame because it ruins a beautiful game that Empires & Puzzles undoubtedly is.

Final Verdict

E&P is an incredibly innovative game that combines several different elements we didn’t expect together, including match three, base building, and collectable cards. It also suffers from making you choose between grinding and microtransactions, which kind of ruins the fun after a while.

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