Need for Speed 2019

Electronic Arts Promises New Plants Vs. Zombies and Need for Speed Games

Do not get us wrong – we love many games developed and published by Electronic Arts. The sports franchises are great, and many of us are even looking forward to Anthem despite its demo issues that were ultimately resolved. As much as EA is an excellent company for designing games, there is another segment in which they are even better – making their business adventure profitable.

An integral part of a smart business strategy is issuing investor calls. That is something EA has regularly been doing, and the recent quarterly call revealed plenty of useful information regarding upcoming releases. Among other things, we discovered that we could expect new instalments in both Plants vs. Zombies and Need for Speed franchises.

As for the former, the chances are we will see another sequel to the Garden Warfare series. That means you can expect another shooter, which is not that bad news, considering that the fans of the franchise did enjoy the first two Garden Warfare games.

Another reason why we believe that GF3 will be the new release in the Plants vs. Zombies universe is that the release was mentioned in the series’ comic. And while the classics still have a soft spot in our hearts, the new titles are also good and worth trying.

Back on the Racing Track

When it comes to Need for Speed, there are not a lot of details regarding the new game. However, we believe that the EA won’t change the studio working on it, which means Ghost Games will be in charge of the new release.

The last title they worked on was NFS Payback, which received mixed reviews by the community. While it was okay, it still didn’t feature anything spectacular, especially considering that the competition has become severe during the last several years. Forza Horizon 4, Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, and even the upcoming DiRT Rally 2.0 all seem to be more popular these days.

It remains to be seen whether Ghost Games can revive the franchise that used to be the favourite of millions. The official announcement will probably follow at E3 which is scheduled for later this year.

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