Electronic Arts Fired Plants vs. Zombies Creator Because of Microtransactions

Plants vs Zombies

The news that George Fan, the creator of the famous Plants vs. Zombies franchise, was fired by Electronic Arts is not fresh, considering that the fallout happened five years ago. However, the new information reveals the reason why he was dismissed, and it has to do with refusing to implement pay to win elements in his game.

Before we dig deeper into the issue, let’s make a short trip through history. Fan created Insaniquarium, an indie release that had considerable success. That got him on the PopCap’s radar, and the studio soon hired him. They even secured him a small team and an office with the only task being to create a successful game.

Fan came up with the Plants vs. Zombies idea, and it worked. It even became one of the most played PopCap’s releases. The truth is that it was Fan’s game that led to Electronic Arts making an offer and acquiring the entire studio. As it was expected, EA soon requested a sequel to their most popular title. The creator of the game agreed, but he refused to listen when the new owners asked to implement in-game purchases that provide unfair gaming advantage.

McMillen Reveals the Truth

All this was revealed by Edmund McMillen, who is a video game designer himself. You might know him from the releases such as The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, but for our story, it’s only necessary to know that he is George Fan’s friend. He was a guest at the Round Table Live on YouTube and revealed the details of the story.

According to McMillen, EA did provide resources that Fan needed to take Plants vs. Zombies franchise to the next level. They planned to make sequels and spin-offs, which is something that Fan agreed with, hoping that he will make an even more successful series. However, when EA revealed that they want to turn the game into a pay to win, he tried to explain that it might not be a good idea. He was against that, and their response was firing him. That is the reason why he left PopCap five years ago.

The latest controversy comes after EA was attacked by the gaming community for implement microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II. Despite temporarily removing them before the release, the sales are not going as planned. As for Fan, he is currently working on a new game called Octogeddon.

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