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Electronic Arts Acquires the Studio That Created Titanfall for $400 Million

Electronic Arts knows proved once again that they know how to do business in the gaming industry. The studio announced that they successfully agreed to acquire Respawn Entertainment for $315 million. Depending on performance milestones and other achievements related to developing games, the price could increase to another $140 million by the end of 2022.

Now, if you are wondering why EA would pay so much money to acquire another studio, it’s enough to know that Respawn is the studio behind the Titanfall franchise. EA already supported the series by being the official publisher, and the two companies now extended the partnership.

“We managed to deliver an innovative gaming experience that delighted a wide fan base throughout the globe. Our long-term partnership was already very successful, and now that Respawn officially joined the EA team, we can plan for even more incredible things in the coming years,” said Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts.

Respawn Looking Forward to the Partnership

Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment, also issued a press release explaining the decision.

“EA is undoubtedly a leader in the gaming industry. They can provide the support and resources we need to be successful in the long-term. We already had an excellent partnership that lasted for a long time during which we created the original Titanfall and the sequel, and we are now looking forward to combining our assets. Respawn is making the next step in its development but will make sure to keep the creative freedom and the company culture. We want this to be a move that will benefit EA, Respawn, and the gamers around the world,” said Zampella.

When Zampella co-founded Respawn in 2010, he immediately found support in Electronic Arts. They know each other well, and the acquisition discussion has been on the table over the years. The Titanfall series encountered positive reviews from the critics but failed to be as popular with the players as some other franchises.

Although there were rumors that the sequel was the swan song for the series, it now seems evident that we can expect another Titanfall release in the near future. Besides that, Zampella confirmed that the new Star Wars game is still a work in progress. It seems that the EA board trusts Respawn more than Visceral Games. Let us remind you that they shut down the studio and canceled their SW release a couple of weeks ago.

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