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Elden Ring Will Be About As Difficult As All The Other FromSoftware Games – Which Is Good

Elden Ring Will Be About As Difficult As All The Other FromSoftware Games - Which Is Good

Yasuhiro Kitao, a spokesman of sorts for Elden Ring, shared new details about the game at TGS 2021. One of the more important points was the difficulty of the title

Yasuhiro Kitao, a spokesman of sorts for Elden Ring. Was interviewed during the online portion of the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Yasuhiro provided many juicy details regarding the gameplay of FromSoftware’s new game in the making. Most of those are just reinforcement of what earlier interviews, and trailers already conveyed. But some clarification and additional explanation are always welcome.

Yasuhiro went on to say, that Elden Ring will not feature any errand quests. And this ties directly into a second important point about the game. Mr. Kitao said that the game features an unusual map configuration. Last month members of the press got to play a demo of the product. What many of them commented on is the map in question. They said that it didn’t feature any labels, rather it was an outline of the terrain. So no one should go into this game expecting Elder Scrolls, or other such RPGs. With the map cluttered with meaningless NPCs and forgettable quests. All the press surrounding this game paints the picture of “Big Dark Souls”.

And by that I mean, scarce NPCs with very specific and cryptic storylines, who will laugh at you grimly like creeps. Hidetaki Miyazaki, the mastermind behind Dark Souls, and director of Elden Ring, said so himself. There will be no settlements full of NPCs. They wanted an open world done in their style. So except NPCs hidden in a shack on the edge of a map, who will probably require some specific item before they even activate.

But how difficult will Elden Ring be?

Well. The difficulty will be the same as any other FromSoftware game. Yasuhiro mentioned that this title is more “accessible” due to the stealth system the likes of Sekiro, combined with the ability to summon other players to help. And all this is a very roundabout way of saying “It’s the same as all our other games”. But to be completely fair, there is one change for people who can’t handle the tough love of Dark Souls and co. While playing solo you will not be a victim of invasion in this game. Previously you had to go completely offline to avoid PvP aspects of the game. But this time, you do not need to.

The difficult problem of FromSoftware games is one that can be avoided easily. The simple solution is to call in reinforcements when your back is against the wall. Many skilled players will gladly help complete strangers to progress their covenant, or just get more leveling material. This will still apply to Elden Ring I’m quite sure. And now there is an added benefit of not being interrupted by other players. All the way until you call for help. So if you make it to the boss room someone will help. Implementing “easy” difficulty would put FromSoftware in an awkward spot. Because their design philosophy hinges on overcoming great obstacles for that juicy dose of dopamine.

Elden Ring hits the stores January 21, 2022. If you crave any other FromSoftware related news, I discussed the possibility that Demon’s Souls Remake might get some DLC just the other day. You will find this article right here.