EA Changing the Progression System in Need for Speed Payback Aswell

Need For Speed Payback Progression System

Electronic Arts have been in the news lately because of the controversial addition of microtransactions that give multiplayer advantages in Star Wars Battlefront II. The issue has temporarily been resolved with the removal of crystal packs, but there is another EA game out there whose players are complaining about the in-game progression.

Need for Speed Payback is far from a perfect game, but there are still thousands of fans playing each new sequel. While they are not thrilled with various aspects, they are annoyed that it takes a really long time to unlock upgrades and new parts for the vehicles. The only way to progress quickly other than serious grinding is to make in-app purchases, which has never been something that thrills the players.

EA seems to have realized that they can’t only consider the revenue, but they also need to show that they care about the customers. After recently decreasing the time that it takes for a new part to show up in the shops for tuning up your car (the waiting now lasts only 10 minutes), they are adding more changes to the Need for Speed Payback gameplay.

Latest Update Changes

The first thing you will notice is the increase in REP and Bank that you will earn by only participating in events. You don’t have to be annoyed as much if you don’t cross the finish line first because the rewards have been increased for those finishing second or lower. You will also get more of both if you choose to test your skills against a Roaming Racer.

There is another way to increase Bank and REP now, and that is by opening Bait crates. The gamers have often complained that they aren’t encountering enough air suspensions, which is why the authors improved the chance of you finding one in Shipments. For all of those changes to be implemented, you need to make sure to restart the game.

That’s not all when it comes to Need for Speed Payback improvements. According to the post on Reddit, we can expect more changes that will modify the progression shortly. The future enhancements will be focused on adjusting the way how shops work, which means that we can expect higher level and better quality of the parts. Electronic Arts also encourages the players to send their feedback as that will enable them better info on what areas need improvement.

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