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EA Reassures Investors That Star Wars Battlefront II Is on the Projected Earnings Track

Electronic Arts has a lot of issues these days. After originally implementing microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II, they had to give up that idea after the negative reaction from the community. Although they agreed to remove the crystal packs for only a short while, it’s only natural that the investors are worried what effect that will have on the earnings.

The California-based studio had to release a statement reassuring them that everything will be okay and that the projected profits will be unaffected by the temporary microtransactions removal. EA seems certain that the studio will have yet another successful fiscal year, but can they really claim that they weren’t at least a bit shaken by the latest developments regarding Battlefront II?

We are not just talking about the cash that they won’t be receiving until they reinstate crystal packs (which will happen very soon), but it’s also about the negative publicity the game received just days before its release. The question that naturally arises is how many players already gave up on purchasing the new release, as well as how many will resort to making in-game purchases once they are implemented again.

Are Boosters the Plan for Additional Revenue?

Apart from removing microtransactions, EA also significantly reduced the hero costs. Furthermore, each move they make in the future regarding the new Star Wars game will be carefully analyzed by the community. While the Electronic Arts cannot afford more bad publicity or Disney may cut their exclusivity deal for the franchise, they also need to consider their investors and the earnings expected to be made from the new release.

According to the latest reports, one of the ways to overcome the earnings they lost by temporarily removing microtransactions is to add more of them soon. That means that, once they are back, we will also see a new type of in-game purchase called ‘Boosters.’ As the name suggests, players will buy them to increase the speed of earning credits, experience points, and other items in the game.

If you consider this from the aspect of gamers, it’s obvious that it’s another way of giving the advantage to players who resort to microtransactions. On the other hand, EA promised that they will continue listening to the community feedback and that any changes that they make will be focused solely on improving the gaming experience.

Star Wars Battlefront II released on November 17 and is available for purchase via the Origin store.

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