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Dying Light 2 Is Trying To Add Depth To Its Predecessor – Will It Succeed?

Dying Light 2 Is Trying To Add Depth To Its Predecessor

A wave of Dying Light 2 promotional materials crashed on the shores of the internet, washing over social media with nourishing details of its gameplay

Dying Light 2 is set to release in February 2022. With the date looming over the horizon, Techland decided to grace us with previews, footage, and interviews. Many of which shined some light onto what kind of sequel the game will be. And it looks like the fun kind of sequel, with some risks taken to enhance the experience.

When I think Dying Light, I immediately think about that freedom of movement, agile action, and great environments to climb. The parkour is part of the identity of the game. But this is at odds with Dying Light being a game about fighting the undead. Because if you ever feel threatened you can just hop a fence, or climb onto a roof. And just like that, the undead are left in the dust. What’s worse, any meaningful challenge is out the window too.

The other thing that is very important for the identity of this IP is the Volatile. A very agile and dangerous zombie that comes out at night, and makes you the prey. At least initially, but then you get overpowered weapons, and Volatiles lose all of their presence.

Dying Light 2 Reportedly Learns From Its Mistakes

Dying Light 2 Reportedly Learns From Its Mistakes

Both of these issues are being targeted in the sequel. The developers want nighttime to be scary, they want it to be stressful. So at night, you will see a lot more of the undead. And they will be a lot more pissed off. But the more interesting way to make zombies overall more of a threat is by putting a cap on your stamina.

In DL2, every time you grab onto a ledge or make a series of jumps, the stamina bar starts ticking down. This means you can’t just swing your weapon around recklessly. Because if you use up stamina in combat, and then try to back off onto a roof you will run out and fall flat on your back. This makes the combat more engaging, and the zombies more of a threat.

Speaking of zombies, they seem to take a backseat to humans this time around. And by this, I mean that you will deal more with the living, especially during the day. Conflicts between factions will drive our player character to make some important choices during gameplay. And while out exploring, you will be taking over outposts full of hostile gangs. Only a handful of zombies will cross your path in between locations.

But at night this balance flips completely. With the undead coming out to play with their food. And the humans hitting the sack to rest up and square up during the daytime. This new balance makes the gameplay loop stay fresh much longer. Combined with an improved overall feel of combat I’m expecting to have a blast with this game.

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