Dwarf Fortress Premium Will Release on Steam Soon

Dwarf Fortress Steam Release

The first time we had the chance to play Dwarf Fortress was in 2006 when brothers Zach and Tarn Adams first released the game. Today, we discovered that the intriguing roguelike simulation is making its way to Steam.

The reason why the title is heading for Valve’s distribution platform is that the developers want to make it premium. Up until this point, the game was freeware, but that will not be the case anymore.

“The idea is to make Dwarf Fortress available to a wide audience. We appreciate everyone who gave our game a chance in the previous years, but our next goal is to increase the fanbase and enable Steam users the chance to try our title,” says a statement from the developers.

If you keep reading what the creators had written, you discover that it might have been a necessity that made them go premium.

“We have members of our family who are considered close that have had serious issues with their health over the past several months. We hope that this will increase the budget to support them.”

The statement didn’t reveal any further details on the case stating that it is a “family matter.” However, the creators did emphasize that they appreciate all the well wishes and prayers from the community.

Future Funding Through Steam Platform

The brothers have earned money from the game via Patreon up to this point. However, the structure of that platform doesn’t seem certain anymore, which explains why Steam is a better option.

If you do decide to purchase Dwarf Fortress on Steam, keep in mind that you will receive fresh music, and a premium tileset, as well as automatic game updates.

The developers promised the game would be integrated with the Steam Workshop, which will enable modders to create mods and edit the game any way they see fit.

As for the classic version, the creators emphasize that the base game will remain free. The difference with the premium version will be in Steam features, extra music, and art.

We still do not have the release date or price for the Dwarf Fortress as the Steam page indicates that “time is subjective.”

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