Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror Will Be the New Game from the Developers of Vampyr and Life Is Strange

Vampyr was a game that enjoyed significant success and still has a considerable amount of sales. However, the guys from Dontnod Entertainment seem to want to continue doing a good job, which is why they are working on a new game called Twin Mirror.

It is a question of how much it will remind of Vampyr as it seems that it will remind more of two previous games that Dontnod did – Remember Me and Life Is Strange. We are saying that because Twin Mirror is imagined as an adventure game that will be played in episodes.

Up until now, the developers did a great job with all their releases, so it is not surprising that we have high expectations from the Twin Mirror. According to the announcements, you will be playing as Sam, a journalist returning to his hometown and embarks on an adventure.

Dontnod emphasizes that the players can expect interactive environment, as well as objects that you can collect and place in your inventory. You can choose to whom you will communicate and there are options for several different endings depending on your progress within the game.

A significant part in the gameplay will occur in the “Mind Palace.” Sam will use this feature to uncover clues that might help him during the investigation. There is also The Double, the inner voice of the journalist, that can affect the investigation in both positive and negative way.

Twin Mirror will be published by Bandai Namco as the two companies achieved a partnership when it comes to this game. Lost on Arrival will be the title of the first episode of Twin Mirror. Although the release date is scheduled for 2019, we do not know the exact day or month when we will get to play it. What we do know is that it will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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