Sigil, the Free Spiritual Successor of Doom, Will Release in February

Doom Sigil Release

I recently celebrated my birthday and I am anything that I turned…erm, my current age number. Rare are the situations where I get the chance to feel pleased that I am ancient, but one of them is definitely that I get to say to the younger gamers that I enjoyed Doom once it was initially released. For those of you that do not know, this franchise has begun its journey in 1993 and is celebrating 25 years of existence this month.

John Romero, the co-creator of the initial instalment, decided to give a present to the fan community for this milestone. He officially announced that he is working on Sigil. This is a game that will be a “spiritual successor” to Doom. According to Romero, it will be a sequel to Thy Flesh Consumed, the fourth episode of the classic shooter.

Sigil will have a total of eighteen levels with an equal number spread across single and multiplayer stages. If you prefer flying solo, there will be a story campaign, but if you enjoy deathmatch sessions, you can play them, too. The great news is that the default version of the game will be completely free. You’ve read that right – there is no need to invest a single cent to remind yourself how you used to slay demons.

If you are feeling really nostalgic, you may buy a physical version of Sigil. If you want the Standard Edition, be ready to spend $40. In return, you will get Christopher Lovell’s design on the box, Buckethead’s soundtrack, and a USB drive with a 16GB capacity designed in the form of a floppy disk. Ha, that’s cool!

Something for the Die Hard Doom Fans

Hardcore Doom fans will also get the chance to buy the Beast Box, which includes some extra perks. Aside from everything in the Standard Edition, you also get a statue featuring Romero’s head on a spike. No, this is not sick – it is just a homage to Doom II. An autograph, art print by Christopher Lovell, t-shirt, and a coin are also included in the pack.

Although they haven’t confirmed the release date, Romero pinpointed that it should arrive in the middle of February 2019. If you want, you can pre-order the physical version immediately.

You can also check out how Bethesda decided to mark the 25-year anniversary of Doom – with this beautiful trailer:

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