We Are Far from Being Doomed with Latest Doom Game on Nintendo Switch

Doom On Nintendo Switch

The news that the Doom series will be making a transition to Nintendo Switch caught us by surprise. Bethesda rebooted the franchise in 2016 for more powerful consoles, such as Xbox One and PS4. Announcing the same release for a handheld console raises the question – can Switch handle it?

Fortunately, the early hands-on wiped away our fears and demonstrated how fantastic the new Nintendo console could be. Doom is running without any issues, and it raises up to the high expectations the fans have from the series.

It’s Not an Ideal Port…

We tried the single-player modes available, including the arcade and campaign, and we are more than satisfied. That being said, the game doesn’t come without its issues. The big problem is that you will need a Switch Pro controller if you want to maximize the fun. It’s a far better experience and gives you better precision and speed than a joy-con.

Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Comparsion

Also, you should keep in mind that the developers ported the game to a handheld console. That means that you can’t expect 60 FPS like on PlayStation 4. However, Nintendo’s console secures that the game is running at 30 frames per second most of the time, which should be more than enough.

…But We Are Far from Doomed

Regardless of its flaws, Doom manages to provide the same gaming experience like on any other platform. That means that you are in for a lot of high-paced action of shooting demons. During our test, everything was running smoothly, and we didn’t see any slowdowns or glitches. We will ignore the longer loading times at this moment as they probably couldn’t be avoided.

If anything, we know that Bethesda never fails to produce a high-quality release. According to the few levels we played, everything looks the way we should. The creators warned us that they have yet to optimize the entire game for the new console, which is why we are not sharing any info related to later levels.

Aside from the single-player experience, you will also get the chance to play the game in multiplayer. There is no confirmed release date yet, but the official Nintendo website claims that it will be released during “Holiday 2017.” That means that we will get to play the game by the end of the year; probably for Christmas, if not even earlier.

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