Devil May Cry 5 Will Feature Faust’s Hat and Cerberus As Weapons

If there is one thing why we are looking forward to Devil May Cry 5, it is because the game will feature an incredible number of cool weapons. The action game franchise will receive its fifth sequel next year and at the Comic-Con that was recently held in New York, the fans got the chance to see yet another weapon in action. It is no less than Dante’s Faust hat, which can apparently have multiple purposes and be quite useful in DMC5.

You might remember Faust from the previous installment in the franchise (DMC4) and, if you do, the chances are that you also remember his hat. Now, this hat changed owners and it founds a place on Dante’s head. Thanks to that, Dante will have an array of demonic abilities at his disposal. One of those powers will be to summon a destructive meteor attack.

The footage revealed that you will need red orbs if you want to utilize the hat. In a way, that means that these orbs will be energy or mana if you like. However, at this moment we are remembering the whole controversy about the fact that DMC5 will feature microtransactions. This is important to note as players will have the option to buy red orbs within the game. However, the members of Capcom team present at the Comic-Con emphasized that you will also receive red orbs when you use the hat of Faust. In essence, it is a mechanic that involves both risk and reward.

Let’s return to weapons as that seems like a more interesting thing to discuss. The visitors of Comic-Con got to see some other weapons in action, too, including a tripartite nunchaku known as Cerberus. You might know it from DMC3 and the best thing about it is that it has three options – lighting chain, fire bow staff, and ice nunchakus.

The release date for Devil May Cry 5 is set to be 8 March 2019.

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