Will Bungie Kill the Halo Franchise Because of Destiny?

Halo vs Destiny

Are Master Chief’s Battle Days Gone?

Bungie once again hit the jackpot and created an incredible game with Destiny 2. It established the release as the top-selling product of the company at the moment. In fact, its success is undeniably bigger than any previous titles, including the Halo series. That started an interesting topic – is Halo ready for retirement and will Destiny be the one that kills it?

When it first appeared, Halo was an incredible franchise, and thousands of players worldwide were playing it. Bungie provided an amazing gaming experience and built upon it for years to come. However, during the last few years, fans just weren’t delighted with what the series was offering.

Enter Destiny 2. The new game by the same development team has a rich and complex story. Furthermore, it has a lore that has incredible potential for expansion and growth, which might be its biggest advantage in the future. It’s not that we didn’t like the story from Halo, but it always seemed that gameplay and action were selling points of that franchise.

Destiny Provides More Options than Halo

Master Chief is a great guy and a hell of a soldier. We endured numerous battles together, but we also tried to be other troopers in multiplayer. However, the focus was always more on the action at hand, and it was mostly a straightforward military shooter. Destiny 2 now provides a lot of different choices regarding classes, including Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters. That adds various strategic and tactical options, which attracts more players to the franchise.

There is one segment where Halo beats its rival, and it’s multiplayer. Unlike Destiny which is limited to playing online, Master Chief and his troopers always offered a bunch of modes available both online and offline. While Destiny limits you to its particular conditions, types of different matches you can play in Halo series were always comprehensive.

Swing and a Miss with Halo Wars 2

Bungie tried to move away from the franchise from its original genre with Halo Wars in 2009. The journey to the RTS genre turned out to be a smart move. However, the decision to make a sequel was a swing and miss. Although it was announced as Xbox One exclusive, the game didn’t rise to the expectations, and it was quickly forgotten. In short, eight years that have passed between two installments, and everyone felt that a lot more needed to be changed in the sequel.

What Will Happen to the Halo Name?

One thing is for sure – Bungie is currently focused on Destiny 2 and providing the players the best possible gaming experience with that release. Halo series hasn’t been scoring great results during the last couple of years, and perhaps the best move is for the franchise to take a little break. That will give the company enough time to consider what should be done with the series. Who knows, the fans might rally to ask for a new sequel or a franchise reboot. We like to hope that this is not all we have seen from Master Chief, although Destiny seems like it’s coming to get him.

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