Destiny 2 – What To Expect/Comparations With The Original Destiny

Destiny 2 – What To Expect/Comparations With The Original Destiny

Bungie had fantastic success with its online shooter Destiny in 2014, and they are now preparing a sequel that should be grander, more addictive and overall better than the original. PC players are probably most excited about Destiny 2, considering that the franchise is making its debut on this platform on October 24, 2017. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are still somewhat privileged because they will be able to play this game sooner – on September 6, 2017. Let’s take a look at what can we know about Destiny 2 so far.

What to Expect

Destiny 2 will see The Cabal, one of the franchise’s famous enemy factions, make a comeback. The focus will be on Primus Ghaul who leads the Red Legion. Ghaul managed to destroy The Tower and imprison The Traveller, the floating orb that provided the Light power to Guardians. They are now up against the wall and forced to fight back. The player’s task will be to reunite the Guardians and respond to the threat. We will see some returning characters in Destiny 2. Nathan Fillion is back to give his voice to Cayde-6, and there are other leaders, including Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey.

The game will feature four entirely new locations to explore, including:

  • The European Dead Zone – after the attack happens, this is one of the first areas you will visit. It will probably be the primary location of Destiny 2, considering that the developers revealed that it would be twice as bigger than any of the sceneries we’ve seen in the original. Aside from the village that has been ruined, the trailer also featured a forest and The Farm, Destiny 2’s social space, in this area
  • Planetoid Nessus – Cayde-6 has been hiding out here. The Vex occupied The Nessus and made it into a machine world, but it has still kept lush vegetation with vast If you compare to the original Destiny, this area reminds of Venus
  • Titan – the location of Commander Zavala and Saturn’s moon. Although it was built for humans, the ocean of methane now endangers this area
  • Io – Ikora’s hideout and Jupiter’s moon. The Traveller visited this place before the attack, and the Warlocks consider it a sacred place

Comparison with Destiny 1

We already mentioned that the maps are far bigger than in the original, which will secure a lot of things to do in the game. Patrols, the enemies you can randomly encounter, will make their comeback in Destiny 2, as well as chests you can find and public events you can play. There are two new types of side quests, including Lost Sectors, which are hidden areas in each location you can explore, and Adventures, tasks that you will get from the in-game characters.

Map Information

Unlike in the first game, Destiny 2 will provide a map that will show your progress and current position, as well as the information you need about public events and other activities that are time-sensitive. Although it doesn’t affect the actual gameplay, players are delighted that you don’t have to go to orbit to choose your next activity or destination. The fact that you can change planets without doing that is a big time saver compared to the first Destiny.

destiny 2 map information


When it comes to classes, Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters are still there and are now packed with new super power, which will build over time, just like in the original. Each of the classes will have a new defensive ability, such as a quick dodge, shield or healing. Another similarity that Destiny 2 has with its predecessor is that it will have three slots for weapons. Arms are now categorized into Power, Energy or Kinetic weapons. Aside from the usual arsenal of weapons, there are unique specimens you will occasionally find that will give you a significant boost. The power of the weapons does not vary anymore – every specimen of Sunshot Exotic, for example, will have the same strength. The statistics of your armor now have three categories – agility, recovery, and armor. All these changes should deliver a better balance when you play co-op modes.

destiny 2 classes


We will also see The Crucible making its comeback to Destiny 2. Just like all the other game modes in the new release, it will be a 4 vs. 4 battle. There is also a Countdown mode, which is nothing but the attack and defend mode, which hasn’t featured in the series so far. The ones who loved playing Private Match will be sad to hear that Bungie isn’t planning on including it in the new Destiny, at least not on the day of the release. On the plus side, we will see Control mode making its return with a couple of tweaks, such as the fact that multiple team members now don’t have the power to speed up capture.

Character Import

Another important thing to mention is that you will be able to import characters from the original Destiny. At least from one console version to another (we don’t know if it will work for PC). The condition is that you have reached level 20 and completed the story of Black Garden. Bungie announced that they would award veteran accounts that have significant Destiny accomplishments. There is a high possibility that the rewards will be purely cosmetic.

Fans Opinion

Three years have passed since the original, and the fans around the world are looking forward to the sequel in the series. Destiny 2 will feature a bunch of modes, and this online-only shooter is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games of the year. The clan support is a new feature that will delight players from around the world. The option for creating groups is now built into Destiny 2, which will make it simpler to run and expand your clan. Naturally, the benefits and rewards will be shared across the entire clan as you progress.

Overall, Destiny 2 seems to be a huge leap forward from its predecessor. That being said, those who liked the first game will like the sequel (which can’t be sure for the others). So, if you are a fan of the franchise, make sure to try the new Destiny in autumn.

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