This Is How You Can Pre-Load Destiny 2 and Be Ready for the Release

Destiny 2 Pre-Load

Bungie’s long-awaited game Destiny 2 is now available for pre-load on PCs.  Although there is still a couple of days left to the official release, the developers enabled impatient gamers to start pre-loading the title now. The only condition is to purchase D2, which you can do in the official shop.

The announcement from Bungie comes shortly after the players started worrying that they won’t have this option available. Although the studio revealed system requirements for the game, as well as numerous other details, those with somewhat slower internet connections were looking forward to starting downloading the game ahead of its release. The request was understandable, considering that the game takes over 60 GB of space on the hard drive.

What Does This Pre-load Mean?

As previously described, it enables you to start downloading Destiny 2 right away. That doesn’t mean that you will be able to play until the release. However, it does imply that you can get everything ready for take-off once they officially reveal the game. The excitement will hit its peak at 10 AM PST on October 24th, which is the time when the servers will start working. Thanks to the pre-load option, you will be entirely ready for that moment.

As soon as the game launches, you will be able to play both standard and Nightfall strikes. The latter one, in case you don’t already know, is the harder version of the game and should present a challenge to those players that are more experienced with games such as D2. At the end of the month, Bungie will also make raids available along with some optional challenges. If anything is for sure, it’s that a lot of content is waiting for you within the in-game world.

Destiny 2 is one of the most anticipated games this year. Aside from the gameplay that should be the selling point, the developers also want to create a unique visual presentation. D2 provides support for the Ultra-HD 4K resolution, as well as the utilization of up to three monitors. There are a bunch of graphics options you can play with, and Gamespot listed them all.

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