Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2: Forsaken Now Includes Previous Expansions

We have some good news for players of Destiny 2 who love this game, but for some reason, they still haven’t obtained the Forsaken expansion. Bungie revealed that anyone who purchases Destiny 2: Forsaken starting from today, October 16, will receive Warmind and The Curse of Osiris, two extensions available in the D2 expansion pass, for free.

There is no doubt that this is great news for those people who are only looking to head to the Tangled Shore. Purchasing this bundle deal will make it easier to start playing Forsaken. However, if you already bought this upgrade, it is only natural to wonder whether you have been a sucker for not waiting.

Fortunately, Bungie understood this problem and showed that they have respect for experienced players that have been there from the beginning. In fact, the studio emphasized that they appreciate everyone who was there at the times of the first raid, which is why they prepared a free bundle that you will receive if you journey back to Forsaken today.

Those players that played the game before October 16 will receive a unique shader and emblem in a style dominated by black color. Somewhere down the road, you can also expect two exotic emotes, including coin flip and knife trick. Apart from that, there is a bundle of consumables, which include fireteam medallions, vanguard plus crucible boons, and finest matterweaves.

Get ready for the Festival of the Lost

The new event in Destiny 2 also starts today and will run until November 6. It is called the Festival of the Lost and its goal is to celebrate the Halloween. Aside from the Tower’s festive décor, you will also get the chance to earn new Triumphs, as well as bounties that will occur on a regular basis. The rewards you get can be utilized to buy a Horror Story automatic rifle and various masks for the festival. For this opportunity, the Infinite Forest gets new lighting effects that turn it into Haunted Forest.

There is another new quest announced. It will start on October 30 and the task will be to find Master Ives’ killer.

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